Stand up for fair competition in Canada

The Government of Canada is risking the future of the Canadian wireless industry. The policy loopholes, which give giant American corporations an advantage in the wireless spectrum bidding process, are unfair and will have massive consequences for Canadians.

This policy could undermine Canadians’ ability to connect to one another, threaten Canadian jobs, and raise significant concerns regarding privacy and security.

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Canadians deserve a level playing field

Canadians deserve a level playing field

What's at Stake

The Canadian government is about to auction the most technologically advanced, productivity-enhancing wireless spectrum ever made available.

This development has the potential to shape Canadians’ access to wireless technologies for years to come.

So why is our government giving preferential treatment to giant American corporations at the expense of Canadian companies?

Canadian wireless providers are all for competition. Competition has driven Canadian carriers to build world-leading networks of high speed wireless coverage, nationwide. Competition benefits Canadians.

But competition requires a single set of rules – a level playing field.

It's time this government stands up for fair competition. It’s time we tell Ottawa to close the loopholes and subsidies for American wireless giants before it’s too late.

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Ensuring Canadian

Together, Canada’s wireless companies support 280,000 jobs in communities across Canada.

Giving giant foreign corporations preferential treatment will result in job losses for Canadians.

Since they don’t have any requirements for Canadian job-creation or a true requirement to invest in Canadian infrastructure, American wireless giants have no incentive to bring high-skilled jobs to Canada.

The Government of Canada has a responsibility to protect Canadian jobs. By allowing a giant foreign wireless company to compete unfairly, they are driving jobs south of the border instead.

Protecting Canadians' Privacy

Who do you want to own your private data?

Across the country, Canadians use their wireless devices to make calls, send text messages and emails, and browse the internet every day. That information should be safe, secure, and private.

Will American companies say no to requests from U.S. government agencies, for customers’ personal data?

Canadian wireless providers have a solid track record of protecting your data in compliance with Canadian laws. But what will happen with regard to the data of Canadians in the hands of foreign-owned wireless carriers? What laws will regulate the protection of your information? This is not a trivial issue. It is one that should be of concern to all Canadians.

Connecting Rural Communities

Canadians enjoy some of the world’s best, most reliable wireless networks.

This is no accident. Our wireless carriers invested over $22 billion over the past decade on new network infrastructure. This commitment ensures that 99% of Canadians have access to 4G networks. And they are on pace to deliver best-in-class 4G LTE coverage to 75% of Canadians by the end of 2013.

By imposing only minimal coverage obligations on new entrants, the government’s wireless spectrum auction rules show little concern for rural and remote communities. This spells disaster for truly “national” coverage.

What Canadians are saying

What Canadians are saying

Levelling the Playing Field

Canadians’ love of competition drives us to succeed on the world stage – in sport, in exploration, and in business. Since the invention of the telephone, Canadians have always been world-leaders in telecommunications.

But this time, things are different. The Government of Canada’s decision to promote loopholes and subsidies to giant American wireless companies ensures anything but a fair competition.

Across the country, Canadians have expressed their alarm. From the editorial pages to boardrooms, Canadians have been asking: why are we selling out our national interest?

The U.S. government is not giving Canadian wireless carriers any special access to the U.S. market. Then why is it that our own government is giving American companies preferential treatment over our own companies?

It's time you add your voice. It's time you support us in demanding fair competition.

We're not the only ones concerned

81% of Canadians agree there should be no special rules

Canadians love fair competition. But the idea of allowing preferential access to a large foreign corporation has business leaders, and commentators concerned:

In the News

John Cruickshank, Toronto Star Publisher: Canadian Government Betrays Canada's Interests

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